Tourism & Hospitality Professional

Tourism & Hospitality Professional


This hospitality and hotel management course prepares you for a successful career in the tourism & hospitality industry.

By 2028, over 3 crore international tourist arrivals are expected in India annually. ** According to a report published by IBEF, the domestic travel revenues are also on the rise. Every tourist requires the assistance of trained and skilled professionals to manage their accommodation, travel, food and beverage services, and entertainment facilities. With these demands in mind, Aptech has designed a complete, in-depth course in tourism and hospitality.

On completing this course, you can work in prestigious hotels, resorts, airports and travel companies.


With the Govt thrust on the tourism sector, the travel & tourism sector is expected to be the 2nd largest employer in the world.


By 2028 India Tourism & hospitality industry is forecasted to earn $ 50.9 billion as visitors export compared to $ 27.3 billion earned in 2017.

What the course gives you?

Globally hospitality and tourism are the biggest or one of the biggest sources of income. You can be a part of the demand for hospitality and tourism professionals with good skills, knowledge and experience.

Course Structure

Career Opportunities

Course duration

– 12 months


– 10 + 2 or after Graduation