How can I get admission to an aviation academy?

What is aviation?

Aviation is one of those prestigious fields that many young men and women aspire to build a stunning career. Aviation is not only about flying airplanes or developing aircraft, but it is a collective term for a bunch of operations together.

So what are aviation courses?

Any instructor-led training where the candidate learns about the basics of flying, instrument reading, ground operations, airport management, cabin management & safety-related aspects is said to be known under aviation.


Aviation industry and career:

With tourism and commercial air travel getting trendy and affordable among the present-day middle-class society as well, aviation has got an extra boost to stretch its horizon, paving way for increased employment opportunities in the industry.


Aviation Academies and Courses:

An aviation training institution/academy usually offers non-formal academic curriculum-based, industry-ready training programs for careers in aviation. The courses range from Airport Management and Customer care, Ground Staff Services, and Cabin Crew Services to Airport Terminal Operations & Management.


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Among many reputed institutions that provide diplomas and certifications in aviation courses, Aptech aviation academy tops the list. Founded in 1986, Aptech is not only a pioneer but also one of the country’s most experienced in providing non-formal vocational training. So far, Aptech has placed thousands of candidates in the celebrated career of aviation. Here is more about the courses and how to get admitted to one of those.


Airport Management and Customer care:

This course trains the candidates to manage all the aspects of the base operations at the airport. The curriculum involves; passenger and baggage handling, and airport ramp management, Inflight service, safety & security, ancillary services, fares & ticketing, presentation & communication skills, grooming skills, and customer service.

Duration and Eligibility:

The course is designed to range for about 8 months. and requires class 12th or a 10+2 equivalent in Arts, Science, Commerce, or any other field. 


Ground Staff Services:

The course is designed to train the candidates, how-to handle passenger & cargo transportation, work in various job roles in airport handling, and customer service. The curriculum involves airport & aviation operations, load, trim, cargo, DGR, passenger handling, baggage handling, presentation and communication skills, grooming, customer service, and interview skills.

Duration and Eligibility:

The course duration is about 5 months and requires academic eligibility of class 12th or a 10+2 equivalent in Arts, Science, Commerce, or any other field. 


Cabin Crew Services:

The course prepares you for the most glamorous profession in the aviation industry, offering in-depth knowledge about the various aspects of airport & aviation operations. The curriculum involves; presentation, communication, and grooming skills, principles of aviation, passenger handling & airport management, inflight service, safety & security, passenger & baggage handling, customer services, and a series of mock tests to be job ready.

Duration and Eligibility:

The course spans about 8 months and requires an academic qualification of class 12 in any subject combination. In addition, the candidates need to meet the following additional criteria:


Age: 18-24 old

Height – 5 feet & above (Female ) and 5.5 feet & above (Male)

Weight in proportion to height

Good eyesight

Proficiency in English


Airport Terminal Operations & Management:

This course is designed to provide candidates, the competency to carry out operations in the airport terminal effectively, with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of handling an airport terminal, and learning best practices to address common problems that terminal managers face in their daily operations.


The curriculum involves a series of practical and theoretical training on cargo & DGR, ancillary services, air traffic control, airport & aviation operations, passenger & baggage handling, customer service, presentation & communication skills, personality development, terminal management skills, etc


Duration, and Eligibility:

The course duration is 10 months and requires a 3-year diploma in engineering or other fields, from a state board of technical education, which is accepted.


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