How do I enroll for cabin crew training?

Cabin crew as a job is both an exciting and challenging experience. Apart from

offering candidates the opportunity to visit exotic destinations, the job demands a high degree of specialization and responsibility to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers as marked by industry standards. 

Opting for a certification course in Cabin Crew training is suitable for youngsters who aspire to get a start in the profession as these courses introduce the students to the skills and responsibilities that the world’s major airlines look for in the candidate to serve in their fleet. 

Certification courses from good aviation training Institutions come with a curriculum that is designed to put emphasis on customer service, procedures, and prerequisites to handle unusual situations at flight, with the modules and mock to offer necessary tips to complete the recruitment drive. Apart from customer services, the trainees are also given insights into safety equipment procedures, with practicals on overview of the aircraft, and emergency operations.

How To Enroll?

So, how do you enroll yourself in the cabin crew certification course? It requires an academic qualification of 10+2 years in any subject combination. No matter whether science, arts, or commerce, the course considers it to be the right prerequisite to allow you in. Now the next step is, choosing the best aviation academy to graduate from.

There are plenty of them. But care needs to be taken to see the legitimate, reputed ones. You need to go beyond the Google search results. It’s better you note the contact numbers and personally take some online consultation from them regarding their expertise and placement results. You may take this first step starting from us too.

Aptech Aviation Academy

Among many reputed institutions that provide diplomas and certifications in aviation courses, Aptech cabin crew courses top the list. Founded in 1986, Aptech is not only a pioneer but also one of the country’s most experienced in providing non-formal vocational training. So far, Aptech has placed thousands of candidates in the celebrated career of aviation.

Aptech cabin crew training offers in-depth knowledge about the various aspects of cabin crew operations. The curriculum involves; presentation, communication, grooming skills, principles of aviation, passenger handling & airport management, inflight service, safety & security, passenger & baggage handling, customer services, and a series of mock tests to make the candidate, job ready. Here are the eligibility details

The course spans about 8 months. As mentioned earlier, it requires an academic qualification of class 12th in any subject combination. In addition to which the candidates need to meet the following physical standards

Age: 18-24 old

Height – 5 feet & above (Female ) and 5.5 feet & above (Male)

Weight in proportion to height

Good eyesight

Proficiency in English

Your Job Responsibilities Include:

  1. To oversee, various needs and interests of flight passengers.
  2. Prepare and serve in-flight meals, as well as carry out safety and security procedures at times of emergencies.
  3. Ensuring the safety and comfort of each passenger.
  4. To manage all the in-flight operations and ensure that the cleanliness and hygiene standards are up to mark.
  5. To work well as a team player and should be comfortable functioning in an enclosed environment for longer periods of time.
  6. Should be able to reach overhead compartments to fulfill safety and emergency procedures efficiently. 
  7. Should be able to report when assigned immediate duties and operate at irregular hours to exhibit and uphold high standards of personal grooming, excellent communication, and social skills to work in a multicultural environment.

Whatever is your passion, go out seek guidance and manifest it. We are here to guide you through the process. Just give us a call our consultants will call you back.

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